Friday, April 3, 2009

Emily's Attraction

Standing on Breken Ridge when the rain came sheeting down wasn't exactly what I'd expected to be doing during the first massive Noah-type rain storm the plains got this year, but there I stood. Holding onto the umbrella that wasn't keeping me dry in any form, I stood there, waving the flashlight in hopes that my brothers the Ruskin Sleuths of Breken would be able to find their way back up the rock toward me and hopefully safety. The lower the clouds hung, the less hope I had they'd ever find their way up the rock.

I shivered in the cold wet winds as thunder rolled through the valley below. I felt as if I was standing on the edge of an earthquake. Lightening cracked, splintering the sky above me and I shut my eyes against the flash.

"Emily, put that umbrella down!" Gavin snarled, yanking it out of my hands and pulling it flat. "You're a lightening rod with that thing in the air. Let's get out of here."

"I'd have been gone if I wasn't waiting for YOU." I snapped, tears filled my eyes, and I ran for the black four wheel drive truck. I slid behind the wheel and Neill slid in between Gavin and I on the front seat. The truck rumbled to life when I turned the key in the ignition and I turned it around and headed down the mountain toward Ruskin. "What took you so long?"

"Nobody was in the castle. We decided to search for clues," Neill announced. He didn't look as if it had been his idea.

"It couldn't have waited for dry weather?" I stole a glance at Gavin. I knew without looking that it had been his fault. But the smug grin on his wet face told me I was right.

It's my job, at least the one I've taken on since I was five and big enough to change Gavin's diapers, to make sure he's safe and healthy. Somehow, he's managed to survive all these years, in spite of my best care and concern for him.

They all tell me I was born with that Mommy voice, and I suppose it's true. I tend to take on the world to protect my family. Mom's a single mom, and we have a very close family. We focus on the important things and everything else just works.

I shiver, thinking about how wet all three of us are, and know we'll have to get changed and dry as soon as we get home. It's silly that we got so wet.

I'm thinking about this project and Gavin's dedication to getting to the truth. I wonder if he realizes the risks he took. Probably not... I think, realizing that it's my plan to protect the family, his to solve crimes. Oh the joy of life with two little brothers.

I'm Emily, the younger of the sisters, who tends to think of all the crazy bad things that could happen, while everyone else is just out taking risks for their cause. I realize risk is necessary, but I don't like those kinds of crazy stunts and frequently warn my family against them.

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